The goal to help our customers becoming more productive.

Archemica was founded early in 1997 with the goal to help our customers becoming more productive by providing them with proper applications, hardware, and training. These tasks will eliminate a gap, between a piece of sophisticated analytical instruments and the users, with the technology behind it. The lack of full awareness of the capabilities and the limitations of the instruments will often lead to the misinterpretation of data, improper decisions, and sometimes serious damages to the manufacturing processes. The laboratory ISO/IEC Guide 25 clearly states that the accurate analytical data is certainly relying on a good quality (with a traceable and calibrated) instrument and the competency of the operator. Archemica can assure our customers that these two important aspects will be fulfilled.

One of Archemica’s goals is bringing the best of Thermo Scientific chromatography technology to Thai Scientists and Engineers. Our strength and expertise will bring you closer to the heart of Thermo Scientific’s Technology. We are gaining experience everyday simply by working with our customers and understanding their needs. We offer exclusive world-class technology, training, supporting hardware, fast service and guaranteed performance in one package. Archemica is assuring those technology will be brought home to you.

We offer an extensive line of Thermo Scientific technology and exclusive products with supporting hardware, including

The other consultancy is also available such as customized application, method development, and comprehensive service agreement