Services and Support

Our Services

Your full-service lab for clinical trials. Our mission is to ensure the generation of accurate and precise findings.

Service Support

After delivery, Archemica service support will continue to provide you with services to verify that your instrument is performing correctly. Our application chemists will help you make sure that you are receiving the best application support. A service engineer will make certain that all supporting hardware and automation are performing those applications at their best capabilities.

Application Installation

Once your samples have been evaluated and proper application and supporting hardware have been selected, we will make sure that our recommended technique will perform in your own laboratory. You will be familiarized with the application technique, hardware and routine troubleshooting steps. We will be working closely with you until you are comfortable with our product performance. As new techniques similar to yours become available, you will be updated with the new information.

Service Agreement

A service agreement can be purchased for Thermo Scientific products. All preventive maintenance, system calibration and validation services are performed according to product specifications. For more details, please contact us.

Customer Training

Prior to system delivery, we offer training by our technical staffs on Thermo Scientific technology and laboratory practice at our premise. On-site training on specific applications is performed upon system installation. We also provide new application updates and informational seminars.